Becoming Abundance Mastermind Launching
in October!

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Are you ready for the universe to be working FOR you?

You are always becoming something. It is time to choose to have all the good things. Time to step into your authentic self and claim your inner fire. It’s time to light yourself up and embrace what this world has for you. You are made in the same fabric that created the universe. You can tap into love frequency and manifest beautiful things and live an amazing life.

Who is this mastermind for?

This is for you if you...

  • Are ready to do the work

  • Are ready to dive in deep, and pull-out roots

  • Are ready to heal and grow

  • Want to live from the fullness of love all the time

  • Want help, but don't know where to start

  • Wish you could figure out manifesting

  • Think that investing in yourself is in investment in everyone around you. It is worth time and money!

  • Are tired of the status quo

  • Are ready to step into becoming abundance

  • Are ready to change all the negative to positive

  • Are ready to control your thoughts, feelings, and emotions

  • Are ready to love self and get into alignment

  • Are ready to embrace who you are and use it

  • Are ready to let go

  • Want to tap into intuition, knowledge, and wisdom

  • Want to enhance every area of your life for the better

  • Want to understand your piece of the puzzle and use it

  • Want to enhance your relationships

  • Tired of the guilt and shame spiral

  • Tired of feeling lonely

  • Want to embrace your inner fire!

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To step into becoming abundance means getting into alignment.

Not sure if you are in alignment?

Signs you are out of alignment

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  • Cannot hear intuition

  • Feel disconnected

  • Feel lost

  • Feel overwhelmed

  • Feel lonely

  • Feel unworthy

  • Stuck in guilt and shame spiral

  • Unhappy

  • Don’t like anything  

  • Never stop moving

  • Hard time sitting with self

  • Nothing seems clear

  • Can’t make decisions

  • Always tired

  • Aches and pains

  • Stressed out

  • Anxiety

  • Everything keeps going wonky

  • Relationships are stressful

  • Negative mindset

  • Don't know what you want

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Ready to get into alignment?

Ready to step into becoming abundance?


Ready to love your life to the fullest?


Then you are in the right place.


This is what you get by joining the Becoming Abundance Mastermind!!

What you get:

Becoming Abundance Academy

26 Weekly Lessons

Value $2,600
Open Laptop
Online Class

Private Facebook Community

  • You can interact with each other

  • Share struggles and triumphs

  • Ask questions

  • Go Live

Value Priceless

26 Weekly Group Meetings

•Get to interact with group

•Ask questions about lesson

•Learn from each other

•Work on blocks, limiting beliefs



                                                            Total Value $7,150

Group Calls
IT Consulting

1:1 Coaching Every Month (6)

•Get to interact with coach

•Align the lessons to you

•Work on blocks, limiting beliefs, thoughts, etc

•Energy work, inner child, future self


                                                Total Value $3,150

1:1 Strategy Session

•Your blueprint

•Where you are at the start

•Key strategies personal to you

•How You can get the most from the mastermind


                                                                                     Value $525

Business Meeting at a Cafe
Phone Call

1 Lifeline Emergency Call 

To use whenever you need!

                Value $525

Total Value

Becoming Abundance Academy (26 lessons)         $2,600                                                 Facebook Group                                                        Priceless

Weekly Group Meetings                                           $7,150

1:1 Meetings                                                              $3,150

Strategy Session                                                        $525

1 Lifeline Call                                                             $525


                                                             Total Value $13,950

Founder Pricing!



Will NEVER be this low again!


6 payments of $471.50



$2,600 Paid in Full

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for discount!

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