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Today is a new day.

You are a new prize.

God is calling His children home to Him.

He longs to speak to every one of His children. He

wants to speak with you, have daily conversations.

Jeremiah 33:3 New King James Version


‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’

Becoming the One God Called is a New 12 Week Program
Starting April 5th, 2022

4 Weeks of

Journaling with God:

Learning to Discern His Voice & Have Divine Guidance

Love Yourself

12 Weeks of

Embracing the Love that is You: Loving Who God Says You Are

4 Weeks of

God is Calling:  

Stepping into Divine Purpose

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Get All Of This For Just $1200!

28 Lessons + Action Steps in Journaling with God: Learning to Discern His Voice & Have Conversations                                  Valued at $1,200                                           


28 Lessons + Action Steps in God is Calling: Stepping into Devine Purpose 

                          Valued at $1,200           


28 Lessons Embracing the Love that is You: Loving who God Says You Are 

                          Valued at $1,200   


Weekly Group Coaching Sessions   

                          Valued at $3,600                                                                                  


Personalized one-to-one Blueprint Strategy Session 

                          Valued at $750  


Exclusive Facebook Group: Get the support and community you need + Bonus Lessons       


Who is this program for?

This is for you if...

  • You are ready to commune daily with God

  • You want to live in freedom, peace, joy, and love

  • Tired of feeling lost, broken, shame, guilt, and unworthy

  • Know God has more for you than what you have now

  • Your soul is calling out for you to step out in faith, but you're not sure how

  • You are tired of being tired

  • Your heart desires more

  • You feel disconnected from everything

  • You are ready to claim your birthright as a child of God

  • You hear God whispering for you to draw near

  • You are ready to do the work

  • You are ready to dive in deep, and pull-out roots

  • You are ready to heal and grow

  • You want to live from the fullness of love all the time

  • You think that investing in yourself is in investment in everyone around you. It is worth time and money!

  • You are ready to change all the negative to positive

  • You are ready to control your thoughts

  • You are ready to love self and get into alignment

  • You are ready to embrace who you are and use your gifts

  • Want to tap into intuition, knowledge, and wisdom

  • Want to enhance every area of your life for the better

  • Want to understand your piece of the puzzle and use it

  • Want to enhance your relationships

This is NOT for you if...

  • You want everything handed to you, not willing to do the work

  • You would rather struggle alone instead of getting help

  • You have a tendency to be negative, whine, complain, or blame outside circumstances for your results

  • You would rather stay comfortable with your current circumstances instead of doing the work

  • You think that investing in yourself is an expense rather than an investment in your future to live your best life now

  • You do NOT want to commune with God daily

I found it very beneficial. As a Christian and walking with the Lord, I have found some of these things I’ve been working on as he reveals to me but there were some that deep rooted me and allowed me to have to really focus and find. It is a GREAT program especially for people who as stuck in a rut and have no idea what to do next. I loved it! I think there is so much to be learned from it! Very simple and self-explanatory, it just falls onto the individual of making time and following through with the program! Good stuff! If you truly want the help and work the program, it will help. It’s great!

— Larissa

Heart Confetti

I have really enjoyed working with Laurie.  She is amazing at guiding me where I need to go.  After every session I have felt a sense of peace that a piece of me had been healed.  She’s really good at this!  Extras include simple inspired HW assignments to remind me of some of the things we worked through, and personal to me short meditations, again to help me with my healing.  The "LIVES" on her site always seem to pop up at just the right moments.  So glad for the time I have spent with her.  I HIGHLY recommend Laurie. All of our sessions have been done virtually which has not diminished the experience at all!  Also, when I had conflicts with our weekly scheduled appointments, she easily worked to accommodate me.  In addition, Laurie was always available to help in between sessions.

— Leith

8 Weekly Payments of $180

3 Monthly Payments of $460

1 Payments of $1200