Alignment is Key to Manifesting

When you are making choices out of alignment, you are ensuring that what you are manifesting is not what you actually want.

When you rush around and keep busy, not taking care of yourself, you are not giving yourself time to stay in alignment.

Alignment is when mind, body, soul, and spirit are all being cared for and doing what they were created to do, all working together.

Some may think that the mind is supposed to be in control, but the mind is where you find worry, stress, limiting beliefs, fear, lack, and unworthiness. Yes, it is also where logic lives, but logic can hinder your ability to bring forth that which you genuinely want because the mind needs to know the how.

The how part of getting what you want can limit what you get because you will not recognize the miracle through the how. Miracles come through the impossible so there is no way to know the how. The how is a hindrance to getting what you want.

Understanding that all things in the universe are in alignment, including you, means allowing things to do what they do without trying to control or manipulate what is not yours to control or manipulate.

Imagine if the sun decided and had the power to move its position. It could crash into the moon or come so close to the earth that things could get a little scorched. My point is that everything in creation is right where it needs to be. Manifesting is part of the alignment of creation. When you try to work against what is already working for you, it throws everything out of whack.

It is not your job to control anything except yourself.

So what are you doing for yourself today to ensure that you are getting what you want tomorrow?

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