Clarity Isn't Always Clear

Some days it seems like clarity is so far away while other days clear as a sheet of ice. Trying to express the way to clarity is dependent on the person and how well they know themselves. If you spend your time always running from one thing to the next without allowing yourself time to truly know who you are, the ability to have clarity will be severely limited. The more you spend time getting to know who you are at the core of your soul, the easier it will be to know what is in alignment with who you are.

In some instances, you need to get out of your head. Go for a walk or a run to not think about what it is you need clarity on. Other times, you need to dive into your intuition to ask for the answer to be given to you. There is no right or wrong way to find clarity. There will be times when it is easy and times where their answer seems nowhere in sight. In the moments that are filled with utter confusion, may just be the times where you do nothing at all. There is strength in being still and allowing what will be to be. Trying to force an answer does not always work nor does charging forward unsure.

It will always be dependent on who you are. Learning to love yourself is important to living your life’s purpose and the best way to find contentment in everything. Deep in your subconscious is the truth of who you are. If you try to go against who you are, it will cause you to be confused and discontent. There is zero clarity when you do not even know who you are or what you want. Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture or even take yourself out of the equation. Look at it as if it is not yours. How would you tell a friend to go about finding clarity?

The best thing in life is that when you seek something you will find it. It is all about understanding what is yours to do and what is not. Everything has its purpose including you. When you step outside of your purpose and try to live someone else’s will lead to confusion and things not feeling good or right. This is why I will always tell my clients that everything is dependent on them. This is your life. How are you living it? Are you living it as you or trying to be someone else? The greatest clarity will always be when you are being you and living authentically. This is when you are connected to the whole. By pursuing your life’s purpose, you create a ripple that allows for everything else to be and do as it was meant to.

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