Energy is Always in Motion

Everything is energy.

Including you.

Including your emotions.

The quickest way to manifest is to embrace the emotion you have when you attain what you want.

Embrace and feel into that emotion's vibration so you can pull what you what to you.

You might be pulling in what you don’t want by focusing on the wrong emotional vibration.

Become the vibration of what you want, not what you don’t want.

It can be difficult sometimes when emotions are overwhelming you and you find yourself stuck in them.

This is when it is important to understand that emotions are just trying to tell you something, so stop and ask yourself why you feel the way you do.

If you allow emotions to have control of you, such as: anger, fear, lack; these are lower emotional vibrations. When you allow these emotions to become home to you, you will manifest things that keep you in that emotional vibration.

It can become a viscous cycle if you allow it to be.

Learn to understand emotional vibrations and how to notice where you are.

Once you do, you can move your emotional vibration up into higher and lighter emotional vibrations like: joy, empowerment, gratitude, and love.

Where emotions go, energy flows, so be mindful of where you allow your emotions to take you.

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