Every Piece of Your Journey is Beautiful

Every piece of your journey is beautiful. I spent so many years wishing my life away. Too many days thinking if I can just get to here, then everything will get better. It never got better because I was looking to a future that would never arrive. The present was only used looking to the future or stagnating in the past. It wasn’t until I realized that every piece of my journey is beautiful. Even the bad stuff. Even the stuff that felt yucky. It was all the yucky that helped me to grow. It was choosing to see the beauty in every circumstance instead of the ugly. It was letting go of the things that felt heavy: guilt, shame, anger, fear, and loss. It was about consciously choosing to stop the heaviness by digging into what it meant and how to heal through it. Learning to understand and love all of my pieces changed everything. It was every step of my journey that brought me here, to this moment, as this individual I see every day when I look in the mirror. Learning to love every piece of yourself is key to changing everything. You are worthy of all the good things. You are beautiful just as you are. It does not matter where you came from or where you are going, only that you love who you are in every moment. It is in the struggle that you find your greatest strength. You choose in every moment how you feel. Joy is a choice. Choose joy today and see the beauty in yourself and in your journey. There is only one you. Love yourself. Choose love. Choose to see the magic of you.

Choose to embrace all that you are.

Choose to marvel at your own brilliance. You are loved beyond measure.

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