Everything is Right Where It Needs to Be

You are right where you need to be.

There may be days where you feel like you should be much further along, or that you are running out of time. You’re too old. Too young. Too this or too that.

Every part of creation has a purpose.

That includes you.

You have a reason for being.

When you allow yourself to be who you are, doing what you were created to do, you align yourself with all of creation.

The flow of energy will either move you quickly into all the good things


Push you, mangle you, make things difficult and confusing.

When you get into alignment, everything gets easier. You are no longer carrying the weight of things that are not yours to carry.

You are no longer trying to go against the current.

You allow everything to be in its place, doing what it was created to do.

You were not created to do everything.

Let me repeat that, just in case it didn’t sink in…

You were not created to do everything. So stop trying.

The struggle doesn’t have to be real.

Move into ease.

Get into flow by knowing who you are.

Step into your rightful place within creation.

You belong here.

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