In the In-Between

Some mornings I find myself in that place between being awake and asleep. I have not quite fully awakened and still feel wisps of dreamland holding onto me. This is one of the best moments to ask yourself questions because your subconscious door is open to your consciousness. We are connected to all wisdom and knowledge. You can train yourself to be able to dive deep into your intuition and build the ability to dip into the collective power of wisdom, but if you have yet to master that skill, in the in-between can be used, too.

For many years I did not understand how deeply we are all connected. Even though I have practiced the skill of connecting to the collective, I did not always understand the power we all have within us. A week ago I posted about how you are one piece of the whole. (It was on the 17th of June if you want to go read that post.) This power allows us to join in with all the answers

to any question we could ever have reside. All the times you feel lost and disconnected just means you need to start working on the skill to connect. You may find these times of feeling lost and disconnected as a time to stay away from other people or distant yourself out of fear that others will not understand. Everyone goes through times like these, and it is a process of learning about yourself and growing through the struggle.

It does not have to be a struggle, though. You can choose to dive deep any time you want and

use what you learn to benefit your life. You can ask inner wisdom to help you. If you are not sure where to start, begin connecting to your intuition. Ask yourself simple questions like if you should wear blue or red today and then wear the color intuition tells you to. Not sure if you should have a bagel or waffle for breakfast, ask intuition and follow through. It is by following through that helps you to build the connection to inner wisdom and knowledge. The more you practice listening to what intuition says, the easier and faster it gets to find answers.

Since we are all connected, this is a skill anyone can learn how to do. Do not allow anyone to tell you any differently. We all have our own unique brilliance within that we can tap into any time we want. It is just a matter of practice learning to hone your own gifts and skills. You are spirit living within a human body. The spirit is what connects us all. It is in the in-between where you can catch a glimpse of the collective. You are a powerful being and within you is everything. Start listening to yourself, to that inner nudge, to the whispers that are asking you to listen. There is so much out there yet to be learned, yet to be tapped into. Find your place within the whole. Find your connection and learn to master the art of channeling the answers to your questions. You will be amazed at what you find. Go on. Try it.

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