Love Always Leaves a Trail

Love is in all things. It is an energy that flows throughout all time. It never ends. It only ever gets bigger. It was in 2011 when I really started to notice that love was leading me. Slowly, but surely it was showing up for me in the shape of hearts, everywhere I went. When I went for a walk, hearts would appear everywhere. When I took jobs, there were hearts leading me to the building where I would work or I would find hearts within the building, always showing me the way. Even on trips, the hearts would appear. Just eating a bag of chips, I would pull out a chip shaped just like a heart.

I didn’t realize at the time that love was shining a trail for me to follow. I always knew I was in the right place because the hearts would show me the way. It wasn’t until recently that I realized I had stopped looking for the hearts. I stopped following the love. After contemplating for a bit, I realized that my desire to leave one place that was no longer serving me turned into desperation, so I grabbed onto another situation that would not serve me. It is important to listen and follow where love is leading, which means sometimes being in an uncomfortable situation could lead to jumping before or without love’s guide.

I had to stop and ask myself at what point did I leap ahead of the love? Where did I stop trusting the path that love had been beautifully leading me for so long? We need to remember that being is just as important as doing. It was my pursuit of doing that blinded me. It was my need of change, fear of lack, that resulted in lower vibrations, removing the path of love from my sight. Thankfully, love never leaves. Love has always been here, I just needed to step back into loves energy, turn the dial of my heart back into love’s signal.

This love is not just mine. It belongs to everyone and everything. It is a frequency that can be tapped into if you so desire. Love is the catalyst. It can take your entire being and change you from the inside out. I know this as fact because it changed a disconnected girl who hated everything, carrying the weight of guilt and shame into one who loves enough to change the world. We can all change the world when we connect back into our birthright. Love has always been yours. When you desire to find something and seek it with your heart, you will find it. Love is right here, now, in this moment waiting for you to find it. It wants nothing more that to embrace you, fill you to overflowing, so you, too, can follow its trail. Love knows exactly where you need to be and the exact time you need to be there.

Trust love. Trust the love that you are. Look for the signs so it can lead you. For me the love shows up as hearts. Leaves, rocks, cracks, chips, bubbles, all shaped like hearts. I have also experienced doves, butterflies, and dragonflies, but hearts have been my guide. Listen to your heart. Allow it to show you how love is leading you. It may be what I have mentioned already, or it might be numbers or symbols. I believe how love appears to you is because of you, meaning it is designed specifically with you in mind. If you are not sure where to go, follow the love. Learn its signal to you and allow the beauty of love to unfold right before your eyes. You will always know exactly where to go because love always leaves a trail.

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