Love is the Key to Empowerment

Love is the key to empowerment.


When you are standing in the fullness of love, you will find acceptance, joy, strength, purpose, and many other wonderful things.

When you step outside of love, you will find fear, lack, doubt, guilt, which rob you of feeling empowered.

Love fills you up.

Love guides you into purpose.

Love is always expanding and when you are standing in it, you are also expanding in miraculous ways.

If you want to feel empowered, then move into the place where love is. I call this heart space.

You will know you are in this miraculous place of love when you cannot keep a smile from your face. If heart space is new to you, it can be difficult to stay in it, but don't give up.

Most people spend their days in head space. This is where logic resides and it is a great place for doing math, building, or creating things like computer programming languages. It is also where you will find doubt, worry, and all the things that pull you down if you are not cognizant of where your thoughts lie.

Try this.

Think about something or someone who makes you feel loved and brings a smile to your face. When the smile forms, really feel into the feeling of love and heart space. Really feel it. This moment may pass quickly or it may linger, but this is the space you want to be in all the time.

Practice moving yourself into heart space. Set an alarm to remind you if you have to. (I did the alarm setting. It helps.) Pay attention to the difference in how it feels. I mean, really feel it. Allow the feeling to consume all of your cells. Bask in it. If the feeling is fleeting, keep practicing and it will get easier to maintain.

You may be thinking, why are you telling me this?

I am sharing this because the fullness of love changed my entire life. It changed the way I view the world and the people in it. It changed the way I see myself. And once you change the way you see yourself with eyes filled with love, well, that is where the magic happens. That is where healing happens. Love is the key to empowerment and once you hold the key in your hand, you unlock the door and walk right in. Now you own the key that unlocks everything.

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