Safe Space

Where do you go when you need a minute?

Where do you go when you want to be alone?

Everyone needs a place where they feel safe.

A place where they can rest.

A place where they can find peace.

Where is this place for you?

I have worked with some clients who have created a safe place in their home where they can go. The only problem with this, is if you are not home, then you cannot utilize your safe space.

This picture resembles my safe space. I grew up never feeling safe.

For years I was lost and never had peace. I had problems sleeping and the unknown was difficult for me. This means I had a lot of difficulty because most of life is unknown.

Back in 2009, I started to journal and at that time I read a book that spoke of a garden that represented the characters mind. This gave me the idea to create a garden in my mind where I could plant seeds of faith. I planted seed after seed. I forgot I had done this.

After some time passed, I remembered, and I went back to this garden in my mind. All the seeds had grown into big plants.

I realized then how powerful our minds are. I planted seeds and they grew all on their own. Not to mention, my faith grew as well. This began the creation of my safe space.

A space I can go to anytime, anywhere. I don’t have to wait to go home.

As the years passed, my safe space grew. Now there is a garden, a meadow, a beach, a bench like the picture where I sit and spend time with Jesus anytime I want. There is a path that leads to a giant tree where I sit and rest in the shade. My space has grown so much over the last decade.

Nothing makes me happier faster than just popping into my safe space. I can lift my emotional vibration by just sitting on this bench. I can find calm in any situation. You, too, can create your own safe space. It can be anything you want, and you can access it anytime, anywhere.

You may be thinking, why do I need this?

The reason is because it is free, and it is yours. You don’t have to wait to go somewhere to find it. You don’t have to pay for it. You don’t have to share it. It only takes a moment to change how you feel in any given situation by having a safe space to go.

When you feel yourself becoming agitated or irritated, you can take control and go where you feel safe.

Just like that.

You can take a vacation every single day.

What do you need to feel safe?

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