There Are No Wrong Turns

How many times have you believed you went the wrong way? Chose the wrong thing? Made a mistake?

Consider for a moment that there are no wrong turns.

That every choice you made, whether it didn't work out or you wish you could go back and chose the opposite, did exactly what it was meant to do.

It taught you something. It stretched you in ways you did not realize you needed to be stretched. Maybe it was just meant to show you that what you thought you wanted wasn't actually what you wanted, so now you can choose again.

I believe that if you went left, but realized later that right was the better choice, left was actually the direction you needed to go in order to learn what you did by choosing that direction.

There are no wrong turns, only moments necessary to help you to grow to be the person you are, right now. If you would not have taken that turn that felt wrong, you would not be who you are now and you would not have learned all the lessons you did.

You are exactly where you need to be.

Enjoy the journey and give yourself grace for all the times you thought you made a wrong turn. You didn't. Every turn is exactly what you needed, just at the right time you needed it.

Now go out there and enjoy the journey. This is your life and you are meant for glorious things.

Let go.


Enjoy the lessons.

Don't worry so much about which turn to take, it will always be the right one!

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