You are One Piece of the Whole

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

I did not grow up thinking I was a part of anything. I always felt less than everyone else. Three was never a time I felt like I fit in. I never felt safe. What I did not understand back then, is that I am unique. You are unique. I was always taught that everyone had to get the same things in order to be fair. During my degree in education, I began to understand that in order for each individual to have what they needed to succeed, it did not fit in with the definition of fair that I was taught.

The thing is, in order to be fair, each person needs to have their needs met in the way that works for them. It is not about how it works for someone else. For example, if I know someone who needs to wear glasses, that does not mean that I need to wear glasses in order for it to be fair. Like someone with diabetes may need to check their glucose levels throughout the day. This does not mean that everyone else they know needs to check theirs in order for it to be fair.

This shifted my thinking on what determines fair. Just because someone needs something doesn’t mean I need it in order for it to be fair. I can remember wanting whatever my brother and sisters got. If they got something and I didn’t then it wasn’t fair. This only led to hurt feelings. The think I didn’t understand for a long time was that each one of us is unique. Each of us a single piece of the whole. We all have our purpose and way of doing things. Once I realized that there was no one else just like me, no one else with my purpose, no one else with my viewpoint, I learned to accept myself and others just as they are.

If you are feeling like you cannot live your purpose because there are already too many people doing the thing you are to be doing, that is like saying there are too many people breathing and there isn’t enough oxygen to go around. You are here to live your purpose in the way you were designed to live it. No one else will do it the way you do. There are people who need YOU. Do not forget that your piece of the whole is just as important as all the other pieces. Without you doing what you are to be doing, means there is a gap where you should be. You are missed when you are not where you are meant to be. So if you feel stuck moving forward, remember you are needed and take that step forward.

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