You Cannot Receive From Others What You Do Not Believe About Yourself

It took me a long time and a lot of reflection to figure out where the love was.

All the years I was desperately wanting to feel love and seeking it outside of myself, I couldn’t feel it because I didn’t believe I was worthy to receive it.

There were people in my life who loved me but my belief about my worth kept me from receiving it. I could not get what I wanted the most because I wasn’t giving it to myself. I had to choose to search for me in order to find love.

We are created from love. Love surrounds us, everywhere we go. It is always there, but if you feel unworthy to receive it, you block it from yourself.

I remember always seeing a house where I stood outside looking in.

There was so much love and happiness in that house, and I wanted all the love that was in there, but I was always on the outside.

I was always on the outside because that is where I saw myself.

I felt like I didn’t belong so that is what I created. A world where I didn’t belong.

It wasn’t until I learned to know and love myself that I realized that house was always mine.

I was the love I was seeking.

I was the answer to all my questions.

I was never truly standing outside of the love, I was always right in the middle of it, but I could not receive what I was not giving myself.

Now that I fill myself with love I recognize it everywhere and in everyone.

You are love.

You have love around you always.

Embrace who you are and love yourself.




You are the love you are looking for.

The fullness of love is for everyone and if you have difficulties finding yourself and embracing all that you are, love is what I guide others to find. I offer 1:1 coaching, courses, and programs. You were not created to live a life of pain.

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