You Design by What You Believe

You design by what you believe

You have the ability to create.

You have the ability to choose.

You have the ability to decide what you believe.

How often do you question your beliefs?

I went through the majority of my life never even thinking about what I believed.

I never thought about the consequence of my own beliefs and the role they play in my reality.

All the negative consequences in my life were blamed on everything, but me.

It was not until I understood that my reality, the one I hated, was created by what I believed.

Wait. What?

I had to take ownership of my own beliefs in order to change the reality from what I hated to one I loved.

It was not easy.

In fact, there were days I wanted to quit because for every good thing that happened, it felt like a dozen things went wrong.

Until I understood that by unraveling what I already created would cause ripples as everything shifted into its new place.

I learned to stay out of the way of the unraveling and wait for it to settle before unraveling more.

There is a process in all things.

If your reality is not what you want, then look at what you believe.

If you believe you live paycheck to paycheck, then that is what you create.

If you believe the supply is limited, you will have little.

It is important to check for contradictions within your beliefs, because one belief will outpower the other.

If you believe there is abundance in everything, you will have abundance.

But if you believe you are unworthy to receive, this belief will keep abundance from coming to you.

What do you believe?

Is the world against you or for you?

You are the only one who decides.

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