Your Brilliance Shines Like a Star

I cannot even begin to remember all the times I wished I could be someone else.

Anyone else.

To have what they have. To be loved like they were loved.

There are those you run into who shine.

You cannot help but like them. They bring an energy with them that wraps you up in it.

I wanted to be like them. I wanted to shine like them.

The only problem was... I am me. I cannot shine like them. No matter how much I wanted to or how much I tried.

The lesson I learned as I went in search of love, was that every single person who ever lived and who has yet to come, has a brilliance all their own.

No one can step into someone else's brilliance. No matter how hard they try. It will never work.

The next thing I discovered was that when you try to be someone else, your own brilliance dims.


Because you become disconnected with who you are. You become out of alignment with all of your gifts that you were born with.

It is like when the sun slips behind the clouds and everything gets dim for a second or two until it moves out from behind the cloud again.

You cannot see yourself for a moment, but the more you hide from yourself and your brilliance, you become like when the sun slips behind the moon and the world gets dark.

If you spend too much time in disconnection with yourself, you will stop remembering who you are and your light will grow so dim that even you no longer remember what it felt like in your own light.

It will become challenging to know what your purpose is and confusion becomes a daily feeling you will find yourself lost in.

The good news are not lost. You are not gone. You are not broken. You can step back into your own light by remembering who you are.

You can fall in love with you. You can realign with your gifts and your brilliance will start to shine again. You will start to shine again. You will remember more and more about yourself and your journey will become full of light and love.

You will stop wanting to be someone else because love will wrap you up and the more you remember, the more you will love. Even the pieces you wish you could forget. Those pieces will show you what they meant to teach you back when, back when you wanted to forget about them.

These pieces will show you what you are really made of.

These pieces are what helped you to grow, to learn, to understand that they can be used as stepping stones to something better.

These pieces were never meant to tear you apart or make you feel less than. They were meant to show you a different way. They were meant to make you stronger and more you. They were meant to remind you that you have so much more inside of you then you are aware of.

That you are beautiful.

And worthy of all the magic.

You are meant for great things.

Your gifts are exactly

Gifts that are meant to be unwrapped and shared with the world.

You are meant to be shared with the world, which is why you are meant to shine.

You are brilliance.

You are magnificent.

You are love.

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