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Flip Your Love Switch to ON! Challenge

January 25th - 27th
6 pm CST

Become a Love Beacon to all your heart's desires and claim your birthright of ABUNDANCE!
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Only $55!

You may have times in life when love feels far from you. 

Moments of anxiety, stress, guilt, shame, where the world feels void of love

Relationships haven't worked out.

Finances are in shambles.

Everything feels so hard




You feel yourself sinking, shrinking back from life,

thinking it's too late.

It is easier to give up because nothing ever changes anyway....


Sad Girl in the Window


What if I told you that in these moments where it feels like the end...

It is really just the beginning.

What if the moments where you shrink inside yourself are the moments you need to expand?

Love is NEVER far from you. 

In fact, love is inside of you always.

You were designed to love. 

Designed to live life filled with joy, abundance, and glorious purpose. 

This IS your time.

These are YOUR moments. 

This is YOUR day!

This challenge is going to tell you exactly what you need to do to feel love Every. Single. Day.

Plus, how to claim abundance that is already yours!

No matter what is happening. 

No matter what others are telling you.

No matter what relationships you are in or have been in.

No matter your age...because it is NOT too late. 

Nothing will be held back for later.

Everything you need to know about learning to love yourself with abandon is in this challenge!

On Day 1, I am going to share with you how to Flip Your Love Switch to ON! 

AND how to KEEP it on.

Plus, what to do when everything and everyone around you is trying to flip the switch to off!

I will also share a secret with you...

an important secret of how this switch not only turns on love, but the flow of money! 

That's right! 

There is a direct correlation between

loving self and money!

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Join me for the FREE! 3-day challenge where you'll discover…

  • The secret to flipping YOUR love switch and how to keep it on. (Even in the midst of total chaos!)

  • Why loving yourself is so important! (You are the answer you seek!)

  • How to reprogram your mind for love, abundance, and your heart's desires! (Find your purpose!)

  • How to focus on love energy to manifest love and abundance. (Yes, there is a connection between love and money!)

  • How to step into fear (Hint: fear is just a mirage!) following love’s energy. (Love ALWAYS leaves a trail!)

  • The answer to why you feel (left out, forgotten, underserving) like you are always on the outside looking in.

  • How to start tapping into the fullness of ALL love! (Allowing your soul to expand instead of retract!)

Come join me on Jan 25th -27th ONE HOUR a day! LIVE is at 6 pm CST but there is a recording to watch if you can't make it.

Join for FREE but make sure you go VIP to get the best experience!


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Bonus coaching calls during the challenge for additional support.

​In addition to the training during the challenge, VIPs will also get additional calls and receive direct coaching as you work to obtain your money frequency break-throughs.

Participation in the Zoom Room live 

Be up close and personal with Laurie during the challenge training sessions

 Access to all the materials, videos and slides to use even after the challenge ends.

The daily training and challenge materials will be available to all during the challenge week. Thereafter, it will be taken down. As a VIP you will receive all materials, videos from the training, all of the slides, bonus sessions and any other magic we create directly to your inbox.

Prizes and Challenge rewards only provided to VIPS.

Along with daily prizes offered to challenge participants, VIPS qualify for additional, special prizes and rewards such as strategy sessions, additional training videos, and fun items like planners and magic wands.

Love yourself the way you were
designed to be loved
enhance every single relationship you are in.
*This includes your relationship with money!